Houston Newborn Photographer

How to prepare for a newborn lifestyle session!

I love in-home newborn-sessions! They document what your family is like in this new season of bringing home your new babe, and they happen in the comfort of your own home! Babies don’t keep, and it is so important to have a record of those little features!

I will be documenting candid and relaxed moments you share with your new baby. I use natural light, so I will be taking photos in areas of your home that have the best natural light. Usually, I use living areas, parent’s bedrooms, baby’s nursery, and even some other unique places that get great light! If you can open any curtains or pull up any blinds you have in those areas before I arrive, that is a big help! And be sure to turn off any artificial lighting you have, including lamps and overhead lights!

Newborns do best when they are fed! If you can feed your baby right before I come, that usually helps them stay asleep and comfortable for our session. Some of my clients even give a quick wash cloth bath before they feed them, that seems to keep them asleep for awhile! The session is baby-led, so sometimes they don’t always stay asleep, which is totally okay and we just roll with it! I will still document your baby as they are, but be prepared to feed your baby at any time during the session!

I am a lifestyle photographer, so I do not use props, but I do use swaddles that I will bring along with a moses basket! Usually babies will start out wearing a simple onesie or outfit and halfway through the session, we will swaddle them! I have some your baby can use or if you have your own you prefer, we can use that as well!

The session will last 1-2 hours depending on your baby! It is very laid-back and natural. I really am just there to document your new family in this new season of life! Lots of snuggles and sweet moments!

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A lifestyle photographer based out of Houston, Texas. My passion is found in building relationships and freezing time and memories through photography. One day your grandchildren and their children will look through the photographs of your life and be able to connect to your emotions, stories, and past. What a sweet thing to experience! I would describe my style as natural, joyful, and true. I love organic, candid moments that are real. I want to give you the ability to relive moments with the ones you love.