A mother in a beige sweater stands in front of a window cradling her newborn baby in a pink swaddle North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center for a Comfortable, Natural Birth

There are a lot of choices you make throughout your pregnancy. Will you choose cloth or disposable diapers? How will you feed your baby? And do you really have to use that disgusting snot sucker thing? (Trust me. You do). While some decisions don’t have to be made immediately, choosing where you deliver should be one of the first things you decide. Suppose you want a natural delivery with the ability to control almost every aspect of your labor. In that case, you’ll adore North Houston Birth Center. This cozy center allows you to give birth in a home-like atmosphere while ensuring you have all the tools you need for your delivery. 

Mom sits on a bed with her newborn daughter in her arms while her two sons play with her and dad and another son play on the side

About North Houston Birth Center: A Home for Natural Deliveries

North Houston Birth Center is a maternity center in North Houston Medical Plaza. While the building might look clinical, the center itself is anything but. With warm beds and well-decorated rooms, you’ll feel like you just stepped into your new best friend’s house. Certified midwife Kathleen Vande Giessen runs the center, and doula Brenda Solano manages the center. Both women have over 20 years of experience working with women’s health. Their goal is to provide equitable healthcare and ensure everyone has access to their incredible center regardless of race or income. 

A father stands in front of a window and kisses the forehead of his newborn daughter


North Houston Birth Center ensures you have quality care for every step of motherhood. You can enter into the care of your midwife before those pink lines ever appear. The center provides reproductive healthcare, including conception counseling. Once pregnancy begins, the team will be there for every step, whether performing the first sonogram or walking you through what to expect throughout your labor. The birth center itself is warm and spacious. The beautiful rooms have large beds where you can rest between contractions and spacious tubs perfect for water births. The center is quiet and intimate, allowing you to meet your little one without the chaos of a hospital. Following your delivery, the team will spend several hours assisting you with feeding, checking vitals, and ensuring you and your baby are on the path to recovery. Once you get the all-clear, you can go home and rest from the comfort of your own bed. 

Two brothers in jeans and henley shirts sit on a bed cuddling with their newborn baby sibling North Houston Birth Center


North Houston Birth Center wants to equip you for childbirth and parenthood. On top of their informative appointments, they offer classes to ensure you have all the information you need. You can take childbirth and hypnobirthing classes to be ready once contractions start. The center also offers Dancing for Birth classes to provide an exciting fitness method for every pregnancy stage. 

A family of six sit on a tan couch in their home together with everyone focused on their newborn baby in the middle North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center is a fabulous place for your delivery. This comfortable center will pair you with experts so you can have the birth experience of your dreams!

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