Mom and dad sit on a couch while tickling and playing with their three children Threadfare

Threadfare Boutique for Stylish Options for Your Little One

Buying baby clothes can be one of the most exciting aspects of parenthood, but at times, it can be just plain frustrating. Big box stores tend to treat every child the same, and if you’re not in the mood for trucks or bows, well, you’re out of luck. This is why I adore finding children’s boutiques that are curated to fit your style exactly. And if it’s a local place that helps you support your town’s economy? That’s even better! If you’re the kind of parent that gets frustrated with the lack of options for your little one, I would love to tell you all about Threadfare. This incredible boutique has everything you need for your little one’s wardrobe. 

Mom and dad sit on a bed while hugging their three children

About Threadfare

Threadfare was opened in 2013 to provide the kids around Houston with impeccable style. The store is located in Stomping Grounds, a modern green retail center filled with local shops just like this. Threadfare is small and family-owned, giving employees the opportunity to work one-on-one with their customers. From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted with a smile. The employees are passionate and eager to help you find the products you need. Their fantastic items, combined with their unrivaled service, will keep you coming back again and again! 

Mom sits on a bed playing with her newborn son in the air while dad sits on the floor next to the bed playing with their two other daughters Threadfare


Since the shop opened ten years ago, its primary goal has been to offer clothes from exclusive brands. Their shelves are stocked with cozy pajamas from Angel Dear, dresses from Pink Chicken, and two-piece sets from Rylee+Cru. While their clothes are sophisticated, your little one will still adore the bright colors and whimsical patterns. The store has a great selection of shoes to complete every outfit. Their eco-friendly sandals are great for those hot Texas summers, while their velcro sneakers are ready for hours of play. Threadfare’s sizes extend all the way up to tween, giving you the opportunity to use the store year after year. Because the shop is curated to a specific style, it’s the ideal place to get matching outfits for your family photos. 

Two sisters jump and play on a bed in a red dreess and a knit sweater Threadfare


On top of their terrific clothing, Threadfare offers a variety of toys that make for the perfect gift. You can find favorite books by Sandra Boynton and Mo Willems, scented markers with coloring books, and cuddly Jellycat stuffed animals. The shop has silicone plates and training cups for easy mealtime as well as soft blankets for naptime. Threadfare even has soothing bath bombs that will transform your little one’s bathtime from a struggle into a time of relaxation. 

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Buying baby clothes can be frustrating, but with the right boutique, your little one can be endlessly styling. With Threadfare, your child can have a fabulous wardrobe unlike any other!

Mom and dad play on a couch with their three kids in their laps and everyone is getting tickled Thrreadfare

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