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Why take family photos at home?

When you think of family photos, you probably picture in your head a family that is outside with some pretty nature scenery in the background, and everyone is smiling at the camera. While none of that is bad, I want to introduce you to a different way to take family photos! I want to tell you that you can take photos in your home!

Your home makes you, YOU! Your home is where your memories are made. Home is where your family is. It is where you gather around the couch with your littles, as they bring you books to read aloud. It is where you bake chocolate chip cookies with your four year old daughter because they are her favorite. It is where you jump on the trampoline as the sun is setting.

Taking your family photos at home will give you tangible memories. Your kids won’t look like this one day, and even your house might be different, don’t you want something that you can remember these things by? Having a record of your life right now is such a treasure!

Your family will be most comfortable in their own space. Your kids will open up quicker and taking photos will be so much easier at home because they are used to the surroundings.  Plus you don’t have to travel anywhere!

These photos will be relaxed and candid. Instead of everyone smiling at the camera, I will document your family just being together! You might be doing normal routines like playing with your kids, chasing your dog in your backyard, or simply just loving and being with each other. To me, these are true family photos and show the heart and soul of your family.

I hope this blog has shown you a new perspective on family photos! Please don’t hesitate to contact me about scheduling your in-home family session!


A lifestyle photographer based out of Houston, Texas. My passion is found in building relationships and freezing time and memories through photography. One day your grandchildren and their children will look through the photographs of your life and be able to connect to your emotions, stories, and past. What a sweet thing to experience! I would describe my style as natural, joyful, and true. I love organic, candid moments that are real. I want to give you the ability to relive moments with the ones you love.