A mom and dad sit on a bed while their newborn baby lays in mom's arms

3 Houston Doulas Dedicated to Helping Your Family Thrive!

Doulas provide excellent support to families as they welcome a new baby into the world. From pregnancy care to labor and delivery support, postpartum education, and assistance, these Houston doulas serve families in the area with various support services from pregnancy to delivery and beyond. 

3 Houston Doulas Dedicated to Educating & Empowering Parents

New parents sit on the edge of a bed while looking down at their newborn baby in dad's arms Houston Doulas

Marley & Moo Maternity

Serving the Houston area

Marley and Moo Maternity helps prepare, educate, and support parents through the journey of pregnancy through the first days of motherhood and beyond. Doulas provide non-judgmental, professional, reliable support to each family’s unique parenting journey through various services. Hence, Marley and Moo provides:

  • childbirth education classes,
  • birth and postpartum doula services,
  • postpartum recovery care, and
  • breastfeeding support.

New parents sit together on a bed while they gaze at their newborn baby daughter

Doula services support all types of families by creating customized plans tailored to fit each family’s specific needs and goals. The team walks parents through the labor and delivery process and is there to provide support at every step of the way. Doulas also provide emotional and physical support, helping parents have empowering birth experiences.

Sibling doula care is also available for parents expecting their second, third, or fourth (or more) baby who need extra hands. Doulas can be on call the day of labor and assist with sibling care so that parents can focus on the birth of their new baby. Sibling doulas can answer children’s questions about childbirth in age-appropriate ways and help them navigate adjusting to a new sibling in the family.

A mother smiles down at her sleeping newborn baby while standing with dad by a window Houston Doulas

The Doula Emily

Serving families in the Houston area

The Doula Emily runs under Emily Rabe, who finds joy in helping mothers through the ups and downs of the “fourth trimester” adjustment period, which can be a difficult, challenging time for families. Emily is a mom of two who knows how amazing and challenging becoming a parent can be! She is trained with DONA International and is working toward her postpartum doula certification. She aims to help families feel more prepared and less overwhelmed when welcoming a new baby into the world.

New parents lay across a bed smiling down at their newborn daughter laying on the bed Houston Doulas

Emily’s postpartum doula services include:

  • physical support, emotional encouragement,
  • newborn care,
  • household organization,
  • set up of the baby’s nursery,
  • laundry, dishes, and
  • preparing bottles.

Whatever the new parents need, Emily is there to help!

A mother kisses her newborn baby daughter while standing in a bedroom

Tatiane Siqueira Doula

Sugarland, Texas

Tatiane is a professionally trained and certified birth doula, offering services in Portuguese and English to families in the Houston and Sugarland areas of Texas. Her services include antepartum doula support, aromatherapy, baby-led weaning, babywearing education, childbirth education, cloth diapering education, infant massage education, support for military families, miscarriage support, parenting consulting, birth or newborn photography, satellite doula care, sibling support, and virtual or remote doula support.

Furthermore, doula support includes:

  • prenatal visits,
  • full labor and delivery care, birth plan assistance,
  • help with referrals to local resources,
  • assistance in taking photos of the birth experience,
  • unlimited phone/text/email support, and
  • postpartum visits. 

A father places his nose against his newborn baby daughter's nose while sitting Houston Doulas

The Birth Doula Package that Tatiane offers includes in-person labor support, two in-person prenatal visits, phone and email support throughout pregnancy up to two weeks postpartum, birth plan creation, guidance in comfort measures during labor, emotional and physical support during pregnancy and labor, help with the initial latch and early days of breastfeeding, and a postpartum visit within two weeks of giving birth.

For an extra fee, parents can add on 16 hours of continued doula support in the hospital following the birth. This is especially helpful for families with other children or who don’t have any support people that live nearby. 

A mother smiles down at her newborn daughter in her hands while standing in a window Houston Doulas

Houston Doulas

Doulas provide excellent care to families during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. They help educate and empower parents through various support techniques, referrals to local resources, and physical assistance during labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. From the early days of pregnancy to the first weeks of breastfeeding a newborn, these Houston doulas provide quality support services to help all families thrive. 

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