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4 Wonderful Houston Midwives to Guide You Through Birth

Preparing for birth is often an overwhelming experience. You’re constantly being bombarded with information from every direction. It’s exhausting, to say the least! Midwives are here to sit with you throughout pregnancy and help you sort through all the research so you can have a birth experience that works best for you. If you’ve been looking for a professional who will provide compassionate guidance throughout each trimester, I’d love to tell you about some of my favorite Houston midwives!

Four Houston Midwives That Love Supporting Birth Journeys

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Midwife In The Heights

Midwife in the Heights is a midwifery agency that’s passionate about providing supportive care throughout your entire pregnancy. The center is run by Jackie Griggs, a certified nurse midwife, and Diana Nash, a certified professional midwife. The two focus on out-of-hospital births and work with you to create the ideal environment for your labor. If you choose to use a birth center, then you’ll have access to the Bay Area Birth Center where you’ll have all the comforts of a home birth without having to worry about getting your own house ready. 

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Cy-Fair Birth Center

At Cy-Fair Birth Center, the staff members believe that birth is something that should be celebrated rather than feared. The primary midwife is Patricia Ghaly, a certified professional midwife. Patty provides unconditional support from your very first visit and will be by your side all the way through the early postpartum stage. The birth center itself is modern and luxurious, with warm beds and spacious tubs to assist with your labor. So you’ll have a comfortable space where you’ll feel supported every step of the way! 

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Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose is a midwifery center that’s run by certified professional midwives Ashly Kowalski and Megan Robinson. The pair have worked hard to staff the center with student midwives and professionals who are equally as passionate about giving parents control over their labor experiences. The midwives deliver out of their birthing center off Richmond Ave. They’ll work with you to create a custom course of care so you can have the birth experience you want. Yellow Rose tends to have a waitlist, so make sure you sign up for care quickly! 

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The Birthing Place

The Birthing Place is a center that was started by Afua Hassan. Afua became a bit of a legend in the birth world with her incredibly high success rate as well as gentle yet firm guidance. But while Afua has since passed on, her spirit lives on through the center. The Birthing Place focuses primarily on home births. Their diverse team strives to make sure every client will receive the care they deserve. You receive undivided attention and make a birth plan that’s best for your family! 

Houston Midwives

With the right professional, you can have the birth experience that works for you. So check out these Houston midwives for exceptional prenatal care! 

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