A mom and dad sit on the floor of a studio with their toddler daughter and young son in their laps

6 Houston Nannies You Can Trust With Your Children’s Care!

Houston is an amazing place to raise a family – but you don’t have to do it all on your own! The right nanny or caregiver can be just the missing piece you need in order to thrive and take advantage of everything this city has to offer. If the idea of finding the right nanny for your family sounds overwhelming, never fear! These amazing agencies will help you find the perfect Houston nannies for your home. 

Let These Agencies Find Your Family The Perfect Houston Nannies

Nannies Of The Woodlands

1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Nannies of the Woodlands (NOW) was created out of necessity by a mom of 3 under the age of three who was struggling to find reliable childcare and pinpoint the help she actually needed. She opened NOW in 2015 to help other families find the right childcare, caregiver, or service provider to meet their requirements. This placement agency gets to know each family they serve before referring qualified, trustworthy, and experienced care specialists who will be a great fit. 

A mother in a pink dress kneels on the floor with her toddler daughter in a studio

Morningside Nannies

22136 Westheimer Pkwy #704, Katy, Texas 77450

Morningside Nannies has been Helping Houston families find the right nanny or caregiver for their home since 1992. Their database of nannies includes only the most qualified, experienced, and well-referenced Houston-based caregivers. You’ll save time and energy finding and interviewing the right fit for your family since Morningside Nannies will match you with only the top candidates to match your situation.

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Nannies and Sitters of Houston

2601 Woodland Park Dr., Houston, TX 77077

Whether you need a nanny, babysitter, newborn specialist, or household help, Nannies and Sitters of Houston can help you find the perfect person for your family. For over 25 years, they’ve been helping families find experienced, qualified, and compassionate caregivers to help in their homes. Even still, they know the perfect match isn’t just about qualifications; it’s also about finding the person with the right personality and sense of humor!

A mom and dad kneel on the floor of a studio playing with and tickling their toddler daughter and son

The Tailored Nanny

The Tailored Nanny offers a simple, modern, and custom approach to pairing your family with the right nanny! After a home visit with your family, they’ll take care of all of the pre-screening, background checks, and interviews, handpicking a nanny who will “thrive with your children and the entire family.” Then, that nanny will have a trial day to work in your home. If it’s a great fit, fabulous! If not, they’ll find another great candidate for you to try until you find the perfect match.

A young boy stands against a wall in a studio while holding hands with his toddler little sister after meeting Houston Nannies

Elite Nanny League

Elite Nanny League is a professional agency that provides top-tier services to high-profile, professional Houston families. They understand that a nanny isn’t just a caregiver but an exceptional role model who can help create a safe space where children can grow, play, and learn. Their goal is to make the perfect match the first time around, but they’re so confident in their services that they offer clients a one-year replacement period.

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The STEM Nanny Company

The STEM Nanny Company is a great resource for finding developmentally-minded providers for long-term, full-time positions. Their caregivers “demonstrate a passion for creating engaging learning experiences for children” while also providing holistic household support. Once you find the right fit, The STEM Nanny Company will provide ongoing support, giving their nannies and families the resources and tools needed to thrive. 

Houston Nannies

Check out these agencies to find the best Houston nannies in the area and the right fit for your family! You’ll be amazed by the difference a great nanny can make in your home. 

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