Expecting parents stand on a boardwalk as he kisses her head and holds the bump

Get Unrivaled Support from A Houston Postpartum Doula

While the newborn stage should be positively dreamy, it can sometimes feel more like a nightmare. You exist within this sleepless haze where you’re just trying to stay afloat. And while it’s a gorgeous time of bonding with your newborn, it can leave you feeling more than a bit frazzled. This is why postpartum doulas are one of the biggest blessings in the world. They’ll be there to take care of you, whether providing emotional support or rocking your baby so you can finally rest. If this sounds like something you could use right now, let me tell you about the best Houston postpartum doula services. 

Houston Postpartum Doula Support for the Care You Need

Expecting parents stand on the edge of a lake holding the bump

Motherhood Center

Motherhood Center offers new parents individualized care plans to ensure families have the support they need for the postpartum stage. They offer around-the-clock care with night nannies, newborn care specialists, and postpartum doulas. No matter what you need, they’ll find you the perfect person to assist your family.

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Premier Doulas Of Houston

Premier Doulas of Houston is here for every part of early parenthood, whether they’re supporting you through your birth plan or helping you out with housework as you care for your baby. The agency has two postpartum doulas completely dedicated to giving you comprehensive care following your baby’s arrival. They’ll care for your baby, offer emotional support, care for siblings, and more. 

A mom to be stands on a wooden boardwalk holding her bump while her husband kisses her head

Blooming Birth Doula

If you need to seriously relax, check out the Blooming Birth Doula. Reagan Sullivan is a trained herbalist/doula here to support you through your recovery. She offers birth doula services as well as all-hours postpartum doula services. On top of caring for your family, this Houston postpartum doula provides postpartum herbal spas that will leave you feeling restored. 

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Marley & Moo Maternity

Marley & Moo Maternity is here to equip you for every aspect of parenthood. The center offers childbirth education services, placenta encapsulation, postpartum recovery assistance, birth doula care, and postpartum doula services. They specialize in non-judgemental support and will be there no matter your family’s style. 

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Milk Maternity

Milk Maternity offers around-the-clock care with their postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists. This Houston postpartum doula offers an extensive First 2 Weeks package so you can have complete assistance during the tricky beginning weeks of your baby’s life. The center offers doulas through the first three months following your baby’s arrival. 

A mom to be stands in a park path smiling down to her bump in a tan dress after meeting with a Houston Postpartum Doula

Brave Beautiful Beginnings

Brave Beautiful Beginnings is a doula agency that Hannah Rojas started. The center offers you an initial consultation before you sign on to ensure you feel completely confident with your postpartum doula. The center will take care of you and your baby while ensuring you feel empowered to care for your newborn. 

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Sanyika the Doula

Sanyika Williams is a doula who wants to be sure you have the best start possible! She offers total postpartum support where she can assist with breastfeeding, lend a compassionate ear to any rants, teach you how to soothe the baby, take over basic house chores, take on meal prep, and put you in contact with additional resources so you can have a total care system. 

A mom to be smiles while walking down a park path holding her bump before meeting a Houston Postpartum Doula

Houston Postpartum Doula

The newborn stage was made to be enjoyed, and a postpartum doula will make sure you can fully cherish it. Check out these Houston postpartum doula services for some of the best care around! 

A mom to be holds onto the arm of her husband while they kiss in a field at sunset after meeting with a Houston Postpartum Doula A mom to be in a tan dress stands in a field smiling down at the bump in her hands before meeting with a Houston Postpartum Doula

If you’re looking for another way to savor the newborn stage, let’s chat. I’m a Houston-based photographer, and I positively adore working with parents to help them create memories of this wondrous time. I’d love to have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the photographer to help your family celebrate its newest member. Contact me today to find out more! 


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