A father in a tan shirt lists and plays with his infant baby in green overalls in a forest at sunset with help of a Houston Night Nurse

5 Houston Night Nurse Agencies to Help With Overnight Care

Congratulations -it’s a baby! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to soak in every precious moment of having your little one at home, untarnished by exhaustion and sleep deprivation? That’s where a little overnight support can make all the difference. Night nurses, postpartum doulas, and overnight newborn specialists are all dedicated to caring for newborns overnight, letting parents catch up on sleep to be their best selves throughout the day. Check out a Houston night nurse to consider. 

5 Houston Night Nurse Agencies Offering Unparalleled Support

A mom and dad hold and play with their infant son in green overalls while standing in a pine forest trail

Let Mommy Sleep Houston

Let Mommy Sleep is home to some of Houston’s best night nannies and nurses. They’ll provide you and your family with evidence-based care and non-judgmental support, regardless of your situation at home. The company was founded in 2010 by a mom who saw the need for qualified support after having her own babies. Since then, they’ve become industry leaders in postpartum care. You can expect overnight help with swaddling, feeding, diapering, changing, and soothing throughout the night so you can focus on getting rest and caring for your baby throughout the day.

A father stands in a forest trail holding his happy infant son with his wife holding onto his arm next to him

Goodnight Babies

Affectionately known as the “baby whisperer,” Goodnight Babies owner Jeannie Fennell has over 20 years of infant care experience. Today, she leads a team of night nurses prepared to go above and beyond while offering personalized service and care. They’ll provide emotional, physical, and educational support as you transition into parenthood, equipping you to take the best care possible of your new addition. These Houston night nurses also offer lactation support, sleep schedule assistance, and even potty training help!

A mom lifts and kisses her smiling infant son in a forest train while wearing a blue dress Houston Night Nurse

Moms Best Friend Houston

Mom’s Best Friend is an agency that specializes in matching families with exceptional nannies and babysitters. Since 1994, they’ve set the bar for excellence in in-home childcare. All of their nannies pass extensive background tests and screenings and interview each family in-depth to understand their needs better. One of the services they offer is overnight newborn care. These highly sought-after caregivers are booked for at least four weeks, three nights a week, to establish trust and routine within your household. 

A father lifts his infant son for a kiss with mom as they stand in a pine forest trail

Harmony Baby Concierge

Harmony Baby Concierge is all too familiar with the haze of welcoming home a newborn. Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, having an extra set of hands to help support and care for your family can be the ultimate game-changer. Their team of Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, and Night Nannies will shower your family with love and warmth. That way, you can ease into having peace of mind and enjoy spending more time refreshed and in the present moment with your new baby. 

A father lifts his infant son over his head with mom behind him as they stand in a forest trail Houston Night Nurse

Motherhood Center

Motherhood Center offers holistic and compassionate postpartum care as you welcome your new baby into your home. While so much of their services are about caring for your baby, the spectrum of support they provide is so much more. They’ll help new moms recover and navigate the new stresses of parenthood, providing gentle education and guidance each step of the way. After all, your baby isn’t the only one who needs attention during this time – moms and dads are important, too! 

Details of an infant sitting in mom's arms after visiting with a Houston Night Nurse

Houston Night Nurse

Don’t let exhaustion get in the way of your first few weeks home with your baby. A Houston night nurse can make this beautiful, exciting phase of life so much more enjoyable. You deserve it! 

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