A mom and dad sit on the floor of a studio hugging and playing with their toddler daughter in mom's lap

Houston Daycares: Find the Right Fit for Your Little One

A great daycare is so much more than a place to watch your child while you’re working or away; it’s a partnership in helping raise your child to be the best version of themselves they can be! The right daycare is staffed by people who truly care about your child’s development and success while providing a nurturing environment for them to learn and grow. If you’re looking for the right daycare for your little one, check out this list of Houston daycares to consider! 

Find The Right Houston Daycares To Guide Your Child’s Development Today!

A toddler girl smiles big with mouth open while sitting on a stool in a studio in a green dress after visiting Houston Daycares

Houston Heights Daycare and Learning Center

902 West 8th Street, Houston, TX 77007

Houston Heights Daycare and Learning Center, or HHLC, is all about empowering kids to be the best version of themselves! They treat each family they serve as an extension of their own learning family, providing a safe and loving environment for kids to learn and grow. They have a variety of programs for babies as young as 6 weeks old and PreK for kids up to the age of 5. HHDL’s curriculums are loosely inspired by Montessori approaches, offering hands-on and stimulating opportunities for development while never losing sight of what kids love most – play! 

A mom in jeans kneels down to hug her toddler daughter in a green dress in a studio

As We Grow Learning Center

7401 Alabonson Road, Houston, TX 77088

9802 N Houston, Rosslyn Road Houston, TX 77088

12355 Woodforest Drive, Houston, TX 77013

As We Grow Learning Centers’ mission is to “provide affordable quality early learning care in a positive and safe environment.” They have grown to four daycares, three of which are in Houston (and the fourth is in Cypress.) They offer a variety of services and programming for infants through PreK students, including weekend care, hourly care, and drop-in care. Their comprehensive programs help shape students into strong and successful learners, setting them up for a lifetime love of learning and growing. 

A toddler girl in a green dress laughs while being tickled by mom on a studio floor

Phoebe Little Ones Daycare

9892 B Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77063

Phoebe Little Ones Daycare has programs for Houston infants, toddlers, preschool, and PreK! They offer several uncommon daycare perks. Including being open 24/7 – even on holidays – and providing transportation from home to daycare or daycare to school. Their program revolves around helping each child develop and prepare for a future of learning in a classroom environment. Nurturing and compassionate teachers encourage fun, safe, and healthy discovery at every age, providing plenty of opportunities for cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth. 

A mom and dad sit on the floor of a studio hugging and playing with their toddler daughter in mom's lap

Kidz School Daycare

10714 W Bellfort Ave., Houston, TX 77099

Kidz School Daycare is a family-owned and operated Houston care facility that welcomes kids from 6 weeks to 12 years old. They believe that each unique child has their own way of learning. So, they learn best through active participation and exploring their environment. To support that belief, they offer a variety of practical individual and group learning activities that encourage kids to become more independent and confident in their unique abilities. Every student’s curiosity is engaged as they learn how to problem-solve and self-motivate throughout the day. 

A mother and father sit on a couch kissing and hugging their toddler daughter in mom's lap after visiting Houston Daycares

America’s Choice Childcare Center

10792 Bellaire Blvd D, Houston, TX 77072

America’s Choice Childcare has been offering “a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers, and before/after school care” kiddos for over 30 years! They offer every child they serve an environment where they can feel secure, loved, as well as respected. All while engaging in opportunities to develop their fullest potential. Most of their lead teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education. Many have also been with the school for over a decade! Their spacious facility features classrooms, playgrounds, a gym, a library, and other welcoming spaces. All are designed to encourage an upbeat, happy, and successful learning experience. 

A father nuzzles noses with his toddler daughter sitting in his arms while standing in a studio

I Hope This Helps You Decide Between All The Incredible Houston Daycares!

Check out these Houston daycares for yourself to see if one of them could be the right fit for your family! Be sure to take a tour, meet the caregivers, and do a little research. You want to ensure it has everything your family and your child need to thrive. You’ve got this! 

A father dances and twirls his toddler daughter in a pink tutu in a studio after visiting Houston Daycares

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